Six Silly Driver Errors That Could Sabotage Your Upcoming Driver's Test

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Going to the DMV for your driver's test is a hassle that you don't want to have to repeat. Pass your test the first time and you're officially a licensed driver. 

Unfortunately, a lot of driving students are nervous at their first driver's test and fail because of easily avoidable mistakes. The following are six silly driver errors that you should be aware of so that they don't sabotage your driver's test:

Tailgating a vehicle in front of you

A lot of drivers have a bad habit of driving a little to close to the car in front of them. Remember that your test administrator could fail you if you're driving uncomfortably close to the car in front of you and you're creating an unsafe situation. 

Driving too slowly

Of course, a lot of people are very nervous when they take their driver's test and they're reluctant to speed up even on roads where the traffic is moving at higher speeds.

You might end up failing when you take your driver's test if the test administer feels that you're driving slow enough to create a hazard on the road. Don't go over the speed limit, but make sure you're keeping up with traffic. 

Changing lanes improperly

You should not change lanes while you're going through an intersection during your test. Also, you need to very clearly demonstrate that you're looking in your mirrors every time you switch lines. 

Leaving your phone on during your test 

It goes without saying that you can't be using your cell phone during your test, but you should go a step further and just turn it off entirely. Passing your driver's test takes your full concentration, so you don't want to be distracted by any ringing or notification sounds while your test is going on.

Not coming to a complete stop at stop signs

You really need to be meticulous during your test in order to pass and get your license. While you may see people coming to rolling stops at stop signs all the time, it's important to be more conscientious during your test to avoid failing over this seemingly minor issue. 

Not putting enough practice into your parallel parking

In many states, you need to demonstrate your ability to parallel park in order to pass your test. This is probably the most difficult part of the driver's test.

You need to put time into practicing your parallel park and make sure you can do it effectively and reliably before you go for your test. Contact a company like All American Auto Driving School for more information and assistance.