Do You Want To Bring Music Into Your Home?

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Have you watched old movies where family members burst out into song? For example, the classic movie The Sound Of Music is a perfect example of a family that incorporated music into their family life on a huge scale. While you may not be wanting something that intense, you may have decided that you for sure want music to be in your home more than it is at the present. Perhaps you have been frustrated by the fact that your kids watch too much television or that they're playing computer games too often. From buying assorted good music to finding a piano school for kids, here are some ideas that might help you.

An Invitation - Consider inviting your family members to a night of music that you arrange yourself. For example, invite your spouse and your children to watch The Sound Of Music and other classic movies like ‚ÄčAn American In Paris, Singing In The Rain, West Side Story, and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. At first the kids might scoff at watching what they call old movies, but they may find that they love them. Part of your invitation to more music in the house might include buying a turn table and old vinyl records that feature classical music, Broadway hits, and folks songs. In other words, consider introducing your children, and maybe even your spouse, to a variety of good music. 

Piano Lessons - Have you considered encouraging your children to take piano lessons? Of course, having an instructor who comes to your house is one idea. However, your kids might be happier if they go to a piano school for kids where instructors have been hand-picked because they do well with children. At a piano school for kids your children will be given instruction that is perfect for their level. Of course, they will more than likely be asked to practice the piano regularly at home as well. Incentives may be given by the piano teacher. Part of the fun of attending a piano school is that there will more than likely be recitals held during the year. For example, there might be a recital where students from the piano school play Christmas songs they have learned. Instead of setting a certain amount of time for practicing, consider asking your children to practice until they have mastered a portion of the piece they have been assigned.